Friday, May 7, 2010

The Origin of Flossin

Yo yo yo! This is Flossin here! Aka David McKernan. . . The official F of FDR ya! So, many people have inquired how on earth I got the name Flossin… So here is a tale so pull up a seat and listen close boys and girls we are about to embark on a magical journey back in time to about 3 months ago… It all started on a wondrous Wednesday in a practice room at UVU. I needed to practice one of my authentic German pieces for Master works class on word burst Thursday. The title is called “An Die Musik”. In the second verse there is a phrase “ent-flausen”. As I sang such an intriguing lyric Dan repeated “FLAUSEN!!!!” Since Dan forgot my name initially, every time he would see me he called me Flausen. Since, he of course knows my real name, or at least I think. HA! But, for the sake of people who are incapable of pronouncing a deep up chuck of the throat, we simplified the name to Flossin. And that boys and girls is how Santa got his reindeer! Till next time, up up and AWAY!!!!!


Marty Rockdom's Opening Speech:)

Hey everyone, Marty Rockdom at the helm! It has been a busy couple weeks compiling song after song at the Sabin Studios Chapel of Love here in Provo, Utah. The whole team has been living together here and creating music unremittingly day and night! We have a list now of 31 songs that we have been polishing for tour and for the album. We have also recently acquired a Ford Econoline which has a immaculate interior and an engine that purrs like a jaguar. The name we have chosen for it is, "Francine Delano Roosevelt." Flossin has been doing small mods to her and she has been running smoother than ever since she came into the FDR Family. We all have a large amount of love for this vehicle and it will be our method of transportation around the United States on our first nationwide tour. We are planning to travel to Seattle, Washington first and then continue to circumference the entire country until reaching our final planned destination, New York City! Now that you have an idea of what is to come let's take a look back and see what happened previously to this bold decision to share our music with the world.
To remark briefly on my musical background, I have been a music lover since I can remember. I have pictures of myself at 6 months on the piano so that's when I started. My parents told me I used to listen to music about 6 hours a day as well. Now at 21 I play piano, guitar, and vocals in FDR. I also play the bass drums and harmonica on the side, or whatever instruments I can find. My first band was just a punk band based out of Provo that we started about half way through high school. Stereo Relation was our name and I am not especially proud of it but here is a web address with a couple songs,
Dan Sabin has been playing music and writing as far as he can remember. This became apparent to me as a spectator when I witnessed his performance of "Mountaintops" on a practice room piano at Utah Valley University. I must thank the school also because they provided a meeting grounds for all of us to meet, merge, mix and then meld our styles of music into one boiling concoction of creative greatness. Dan and David were both in the Masterworks Choir class with me that was taught by Dianne Riley. We had the pleasure of performing the pieces she chose for her last semester at the University before retiring to serve a mission for the church. My brother Grant Merrill is also serving for the LDS church in France and he will be sometimes writing music with us as well when he gets back.
Shortly after meeting David McKernan we sat in front of a practice room reminiscing about old girlfriends and he said he needed to get some stuff off his chest so I suggested we write a song about it. Radiant Love was the result and after hours and hours of relentless persistence until we finally finished it about 40 hours later. We showed our friend Amber and she expressed extreme enthusiasm and said that it was above radio quality and we should consider Broadway! Thank you for the compliments Amber and for everyone has supported us up until now and beyond. It has been an exciting Journey. We showed Sabin shortly after and he was excited about working with us. After writing our second song, "A Greater Cause", Flossin and I were so ecstatic that we called Dan Sabin and Flossin proceeded to travel a distance of one hundred miles long boarding with Dan around the state. I was very disappointed about missing it but directly after we all met at the Rock Chapel of Love here and decided we needed to forge a band. Dan exclaimed exuberantly that he was going on a countrywide adventure playing music for any and everyone he could find whether we were going or not. It sounded like a brilliant idea and we have met numerous people already who we have been able to uplift, entertain and heal through the music we have been lucky enough to be inspired with. It has all been a miraculous experience up until now and I am more than happy to be in a band with the caliber of talent that we all have been given. Thank you to all our Fans, Friends and Family. We love you all and we hope to see you soon on our first tour... The 2010 Flossin Dan Rockdom Tour!!! Peace and Love
Marty Rockdom

Friday, April 30, 2010

Grandma's funeral was great. I cant believe how many people I am related too. Wow! The funeral potatoes were good too. But I think the thing that got to me the most was that they had a paint brush in her hands inside the casket. She has been painting ever since anyone can remember. And has great talent as a painter. Just seeing her there with a paint brush really got to me. The quote crossed my mind, "Live by the sword, die by the sword." Grandma lived by her heart and by her paint brush, and everyone at the services definitely felt her love heart and passion. I'm glad to have her influence and inspiration in my life.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going to Arizona

Hey everyone, Dan here.

I just have to post that my Great Grandmother Ray passed away a couple days ago and I will be going to Phoenix to attend her services and to sing some songs to pay my utmost respect for a woman I have always treasured.

She was always willing to take a random call from me, even in the evenings. I could call her and say, "Grandma would you like to hear a new song I just wrote?" And in her squeaky voice she would reply, "You know I do."

I love her very much. I am sad, very sad, that she is gone. But happy that I have had the honor of having such a magnificent woman in my life and in my family. Her funeral will be Friday April 30, 2010.

I just know she is already an Angel. She always was and she now has her wings. I just want her to know that Grandma, I love you. I always will treasure you. Thank you for all the tremendous encouragement, all the hugs and kisses, and all the wonderful things you have said to me throughout the years. Thank you grandma for being the best in the world.

PS Grandma I'm writing you a song and I'm going to sing it everywhere and anywhere I can. I love you.