Friday, May 7, 2010

The Origin of Flossin

Yo yo yo! This is Flossin here! Aka David McKernan. . . The official F of FDR ya! So, many people have inquired how on earth I got the name Flossin… So here is a tale so pull up a seat and listen close boys and girls we are about to embark on a magical journey back in time to about 3 months ago… It all started on a wondrous Wednesday in a practice room at UVU. I needed to practice one of my authentic German pieces for Master works class on word burst Thursday. The title is called “An Die Musik”. In the second verse there is a phrase “ent-flausen”. As I sang such an intriguing lyric Dan repeated “FLAUSEN!!!!” Since Dan forgot my name initially, every time he would see me he called me Flausen. Since, he of course knows my real name, or at least I think. HA! But, for the sake of people who are incapable of pronouncing a deep up chuck of the throat, we simplified the name to Flossin. And that boys and girls is how Santa got his reindeer! Till next time, up up and AWAY!!!!!


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