Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going to Arizona

Hey everyone, Dan here.

I just have to post that my Great Grandmother Ray passed away a couple days ago and I will be going to Phoenix to attend her services and to sing some songs to pay my utmost respect for a woman I have always treasured.

She was always willing to take a random call from me, even in the evenings. I could call her and say, "Grandma would you like to hear a new song I just wrote?" And in her squeaky voice she would reply, "You know I do."

I love her very much. I am sad, very sad, that she is gone. But happy that I have had the honor of having such a magnificent woman in my life and in my family. Her funeral will be Friday April 30, 2010.

I just know she is already an Angel. She always was and she now has her wings. I just want her to know that Grandma, I love you. I always will treasure you. Thank you for all the tremendous encouragement, all the hugs and kisses, and all the wonderful things you have said to me throughout the years. Thank you grandma for being the best in the world.

PS Grandma I'm writing you a song and I'm going to sing it everywhere and anywhere I can. I love you.


  1. i'm officially the first follower. :) Dan i'm so sorry about your grandma. It's incredibly sweet how much she means to you. She was lucky to have a grandson like you. You guys are the best. FDR rocks my world.
    Famous Caiti #1 groupie

  2. I feel like "I'm so sorry" is all I ever say about your great-grandma's passing and it never feels sufficient. I hope Arizona treats you well, and as always I'm just a phone call away.

    <3-official second follower, and other #1 groupie :)

    P.S. Hi Caiti!

  3. So, hey, Dan. This is your neighbor Georgia from two doors down. It was fun to see your new tour van and hear some of your music today. Thanks for the invitation.

    Your grandma looks and sounds like a great person. You're lucky. I feel sure she's going to stay interested in everything you're doing and keep a loving eye on her treasured grandson. What a sweet smile she's got! Anyway, I know what it's like to miss a dear grandma—I took care of mine for close to a decade.

  4. first off. My condolences. Its so hard to have a close one leave you.
    2nd off. YOU ARE FIRED. how come no one has bothered to call or email, or FB or text, or write me? I am wanting to hear this new and improved music you guys have been workin on. HOpe things are going just spectacular and taking off for you three. Much love guys. :)